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      I am a Chinese, my english is poor, so I hope you can understand
this letter.
   Yesterday I use Mon to monitor a server, I hope Mon can alert via xmpp
   so I wrote a alert file, but mon seem not work. If I execute alert
file, it can    alert to my jabber. Now I hope mon can monitor a services
is down, it can alert
   to my jabber. Please Help me! I wait your reply! Thanks!!!

                                                                 A Helper

Your english isn't too bad, but your problem reporting skills definitely need some work. In order to be able to help you, we need to know in what way mon isn't working. What did you do, what behavior did you expect, and what behavior did mon show?

Is mon detecting your failure and not calling the alert, or calling the alert but it fails to behave as desired? Or is mon not detecting the failure at all.

If your script works when you run it but not when Mon runs it, the most likely causes are:

- $PATH differences (i.e. your script is running some program that appears in your PATH but not in the PATH that mon provides to the alert script)

- privilege difference. i.e you ran your test as root but Mon is running as nobody, or similar.

We need more information in order to provide any better guidance for solving your problem.


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