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> Hello all,
> I am looking for alternative to Nagios (or should i stick with it? need
> opinions pls), and saw this Mon.

The choice between Mon and other OSS monitoring systems like Nagios,
Big Brother or any of the others is very much dependent upon your

My best summary of Mon is that its monitoring for sysadmins.  Its not
pretty, its not designed for management, its designed to allow a
sysadmin to automate the performance monitoring that might otherwise
be done ad-hoc or with cron jobs.  It doesn't trivially provide the
typical statistics gathering that many bean-counters are looking for,
but its extensible and scalable in amazing ways.  (See recent posts on
this list about one company deploying a network of 2400 mon servers
and 1200 locations, and my mon site which runs 500K monitoring tests a
day, some of those on hostgroups with hundreds of hosts.)

> Btw, i need some auto-monitoring tools to monitor basic unix and windows
> based services, such as nfs, sendmail, smb, httpd, ftp, diskspace, etc.
> I love perl so much, but then its been long time since it's been updated. Is
> it still around and supported?

If you love perl Mon may be perfect for you, because if there is a
feature you need you can always send us a patch. :)

Its definitely still around and supported.  (I just posted a link to a
mon 1.2.0 release candidate.)  There hasn't been a lot of updates to
the system in the last couple of years, but thats in part because the
system is pretty stable as-is.  There are certainly some big-picture
changes we would like to do, but none of the current developers have
had pressing reasons to work on the system.  Personally, most of my
original patches were based on CMU's needs when we did our Mon
deployment, and since that time no major internal effort has been
spent on extending the system.  A review process of our monitoring
systems is just starting now and that may result in either more
programmer time being allocated to Mon or CMU might move away from Mon
to some other system.  (Obviously I'd be unhappy with that result, but
I would continue to work with Mon both personally and in my consulting

> Any good reference on the web interface? (the
> one from the site, mon.lycos.com is dead).

I believe the most commonly used interface is mon.cgi, maintained by
Ryan Clark, available at http://moncgi.sourceforge.net/

An older version of mon.cgi is included in the mon distribution.

> And most importantly, where to
> start? (any good documentation as starting point on how to use this Mon)

Start by reading the documentation, looking at the sample config file,
and experimentation.  A small installation can be setup in a matter of
minutes.  Once you've done a proof-of-concept install you can decide
if Mon is right for you.


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