Hello All,

I have a probleme to configure a trap for an other mon server.
I don't have find any doc / Howto to use it exept manpage of mon.
The orhers alerts work fine.

Someone can help me with an example how to configure mon with trap ?

Actualy I have this :

mon.cf (master):
cfbasedir       = /usr/local/mon/etc
alertdir        = /usr/local/mon/alert.d
mondir          = /usr/local/mon/mon.d
statedir        = /usr/local/mon/state.d
logdir          = /var/log/
dtlogging       = yes
dtlogfile       = dtlog

maxprocs        = 5
histlength      = 100
randstart       = 60s

authtype        = getpwnam

hostgroup test

watch test
        service testing
                period wd {Mon-Sun}
                        alert traptest.alert ## just an echo ...

watch default
    service default
        period wd {Sun-Sat}
            alert traptest.alert

mon.cf (slave):
# Same options

hostgroup test

watch test
        service testing
                description chech mysql port every minute
                interval 5s
                monitor http.monitor
                period wd {Mon-Sun}
                        alert trap.alert -h -u mon -P password
                        alert trapsend.alert
                        upalert trapup.alert
                        alertevery 30s
                        alertafter 1

I've also uncommented * mon monpassword in auth.cf (master)

The parameters of trap.alert seems to don't be good.

Please, help me :D

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