> We have been hit recently by a mon fork problem: after several days
> running mon, our monitoring server was running several mon processes.
> After looking at the code, we think we have found the problem here:
> ,
> lines 5080-5084:
>  5080       if (!exec @execargs) {
>  5081          syslog ('err', "could not exec alert $alert: $!");
>  5082          return undef;
>  5083       }
>  5084       exit;
> The "return" statment looks buggy for us, because mon in the child
> process, and execution will continue as if it was the father, thus
> creating a new mon "master" process.
> Instead of the "return" statment, there should be an "exit" one, isn't
> it ?

For information, after modifying the scheduler as described above, our
monitoring server did not have any fork problem anymore: last week it
launched 2.5M forks (monitors and alerts) happily.


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