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I'm currently planning to implement this as a second process that
continuously reads a flat csv file containing what,when,how long\n.

Absolutely yes, IMHO it is the only place to add such a function, since it is the governing process.

i already have something which can do that, with minor mods. i doubt
anyone knows about it, though :)


the ones named "schedule".

the config is kept in csv format so it can be edited easily with a

from the pod:

    Schedule::Oncall provides methods to manipulate an on-call schedule.
    One or more tables of schedules can be maintained, loaded, and
    searched.  An on-call table is composed of seven days, where each
    day has a list of minute ranges which correspond to a particular person.

    Information such as email address, pager number, etc. may be stored in
    the schedule configuration file. Simple variable assignments may also
    be made. Other textual information may be stored in the schedule in
    order to assist other applications (e.g., html headers or email body
    text), and variables substitution may occur within the text blocks.

    Schedule files may be chosen based on weekly or monthly rotations,
    relative to the first week or month of the year. Weekly schedules
    begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday, the same as strftime(3)'s
    "%W" format. Each rotation is stored in a separate file, and the
    appropriate rotation is chosen at load time.

also there is some discussion of it here:


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