On Mon, 14 Dec 2009, Alex Dean wrote:

I'm not always sure what to make of the output of 'moncmd show opstatus'.

0 = failure
1 = ok

These seem pretty clear (though they're backward from normal exit codes, and that confused me at first). I sometimes also see status '7', which seems to happen when mon starts up, before the monitor has been run. It also pops up if there's some configuration problem, like mon can't find the monitor script.

Is there any more complete list of opstatus values and their meanings? I saw this question from the mailing list back in 2005, but there was no response.

    # operational statuses

: uplift ~/mon/export/mon-1.2.0$; cat doc/README.variables $Id: README.variables,v 2004/06/09 05:18:06 trockij Exp $


    STAT_FAIL           the monitor returned a failure
    STAT_OK             the monitor returned a success
    STAT_COLDSTART      a coldstart trap was received
    STAT_WARMSTART      a warmstart trap was received
    STAT_LINKDOWN       a linkdown trap was received
    STAT_UNKOWN         unknown (reserved for stupid things)
    STAT_TIMEOUT        a trap timeout occurred
    STAT_UNTESTED       this service has not yet been tested
    STAT_DEPEND         this service has been marked by the depend routines
    STAT_WARN           a warning state

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