On Thu, 17 Dec 2009, Anthony wrote:

Could someone give me some direction of how I could get Mon alerts into a database? The objective it to look into creating an alert management system requiring a DB.

I agree with Hans Peter's advice, to write an alert script which pumps
the details of the failure into the database. If you want to capture
both failures and non-failures, look at the "redistribute" config option.

If the DB is something which is connection-oriented, such as mysql
or postgres, it would be better to write a simple daemon which stays
connected listens on an AF_UNIX socket for your alert messages.  your
alert script could then write to that socket so it does not need to log
into the db each time it is invoked. that'll help minimize the overhead.

also, there are alternate syslog daemons such as rsyslog which can store
the log data in various databases.

It doesn't seem Mon can input to a DB nativity.

o/~ joy to the world, the DB has come...

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