On 1/7/11 4:30 PM, Nathan Gibbs wrote:
An AMANDA Backup monitor.

Has anyone seen such an animal?

I'm not sure why you would need it or what it would do.

Amanda does not run as a daemon. So, there is no issue with the daemon failing 
and no longer operating.

Amanda runs off cron. Typically, you have amcheck on cron during the day when people are around to fix things. Then amdump runs off cron during the night. You get reports by email of problems and reports of the results of the dump.

I suppose, if you didn't want to read your reports, you could have procmail or something route them all to a folder where something like SEC could scan them and then only generate an alert when there was something out of the ordinary or a specific problem. But that seems like a lot of effort to avoid looking at your reports.


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