Hello all MON users,

Last night, my MON server went a bit crazy, spamming down with "Caught SIGPIPE" alarms.

According to the graphs I got of the MON server, there was no unusual activity related to number of processes, load, memory or io.

The server hasn't logged anything unusual. I see no indications of running out of fildescriptors, or oomkiller going on a frenzy.

After a reboot, server was back to normal again.

Has anyone experienced MON going nuts and just sending "Caught SIGPIPE" on every probe it forks out? I've had this happen once or twice before during the last 2 years this server has been active.

Or if anyone got any ideas what could be causing this. I know the basics of the "Caught SIGPIPE" error itself, but I'm struggling with finding out what has caused it.

Anders Synstad
Basefarm AS

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