On Mon, 13 Jun 2011, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:

I just ran into some confuson. I misunderstood the "mondir" setting in
a configuration, and presumed that it mon would search *all* the
listed directories for a specific monitor. The result was that I tried
stashing them, for separation from default monitors, in their own

so if you have mondir which is a colon-separated list of directories, and
a service definition specifies, say, "ping.monitor", it will search each
of those directories for a ping.monitor and use the first one it finds.
what was the behavior you were expecting? i don't understand.

It didn't work: not a huge surprise. What confused me was that the
missing monitors were simply "Untested", as opposed to being reported
"Missing". or "Unavailable". Would it seem appropriate and reasonable
to report missing minotirs as "Missing", to help avoid confusion
during restarts or confusion about monitors being unavailable from
some NFS shared resource?

it does syslog that there's a problem with the config, i.e. it cannot
find the monitor for a particular service, but nothing that would show
up on the web page output or indicated via the client protocol. making a
new state to indicate a config-related problem for a particular service
is a good idea. there are a few different errors which could be indicated
through that mechanism, beyond not finding the monitor in the mondir path.

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