On 4/28/07, Herryanto Siatono <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks Luis, btw, I found some hints, it failed when the 'puts' statement
> was called.
> That's why the uploading of image failed, while other types are fine, when I
> upload an image, I need to crop the image which instead call
> Base64.b64encode, in which "puts" was called to display the output on
> console.
> So I did a simple test, I added puts before the execution of anything, and
> it failed exactly at that line:
>   def with_image(file_data = nil, &block)
>     puts "testing"
>     img = Magick::Image::read_inline(Base64.b64encode(file_data ||
> self.data)).first
>     block.call(img)
>     img = nil
>     GC.start
>   end

Let me guess, the line :115 is actually... PUTS!

Err, a big problem with this. Let me explain.

A service, also known on *nix fields as "daemon", by default, lacks a
"console" attached to it. That means STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR.

These default "pipes" are used by sentences like puts, which "write"
data to the console.

Since you're inside a service... you don't have one! :-P

Also, lot of folks will correct me on this: adding puts in your code
for debugging purposes is a bad practice. Instead you should use
logger.debug/info/warn/error to log the event inside the
development/production log files.

So, replace puts "testing" with logger.debug "testing" and that should
work fine since is the only place you're using it ;-)

Anyway, next version of service add a workaround for this "bug by
design" of services.

> Now we are getting close, why puts failed when running as windows service?
> Note that it works fine when I'm running with "mongrel_rails start"
> And here are my answers to your questions. Thanks!
> [...]

Everything looks good, actually :-D

Your feedback allowed you to pinpoint where the problem lies, so you
almost solved the issue by yourself, so thank you instead! ;-)

Regards and good weekend.

Luis Lavena
Multimedia systems
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