On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 6:57 PM, Dave Walton <dave.wal...@jax.org> wrote:
> We recently upgraded to ruby 1.9.1 (in order to get new functions in the
> Math module).  We've reinstalled Mongrel with it, and even gone so far to
> make some modifications to the compile (based on a post I found on one of
> the forums).
> Mongrel now fails when we try to launch it:
> mongrel_rails cluster::start
> With the message:
> ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::start': Plugin /cluster::start does not exist in
> category /commands
> Use help command to get help
> Has anyone seen this error?  Is there a known fix?  I saw a posting from a
> couple years ago about need to a:
> Gem cleanup mongrel_cluster

Has you installed mongrel_cluster gem?

I'm not aware that mongrel_cluster is compatible with Ruby 1.9.1
Luis Lavena
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