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> have created a window service(rails website)using commnad like
> mongrel_rails service::install -N smar2 -p 3000 -a -e
> production -c D:/work/Smar/src
> now a service named smar2 is created but when i try to run it i got an
> error message like service started and stopped it has nothing to do
> now i would like to know how do i configure smar2 in regedit and what
> values should i add in Application and Appparameters .
>                         plzzz help me
> ====================================

Do your application work when running mongrel_rails start from the console?

Have you check the contents of .log like mongrel_service and
servicefb.log located in the Ruby bin directory?

We need more details to help you out.
Luis Lavena
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