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> just now i seen your message...
> i am running apache 2.2.11 that comes with XAMPP 1.7.1 and mongrel
> version is
> 1.1.2,
> ruby version is ruby 1.8.6
> Rails is serving the request, the 1.1GB, not Apache
> but how do i know rails is serving the request..or Apache

Please answer all the questions I put, analyze the process memory usage.

If you don't see in apache serving the X-Sendfile request, then is not.

Try setting the headers on your own and render nothing:

Implement the first code example of this page:


Not the plugin.

> 2. d:/dm  is not a network drive..its folder on d drive
> how do i know whther it available  to apache ??

Try to setup a virtual server configuration that access D: and see if it works.

Luis Lavena
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