Hii ALL,
         Running ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111)
[i386-mswin32],Mongerl 1.1.5.

Scenario /Observation : While uploading some large files,i Found memory
leakage in mongrel.I start uploading large file what happen is files is
being copied to mongerl temp file, from mongrel temp files to ruby temp
file (cgi file) and then to actual location where i indend to...after
upload complete ,after few seconds ruby temp files is collected(garbase
collection)but mongrel temp file is still hanging in memory. I tried to
upload again same procedure happens,This time after few seconds  ruby
temp files is collected +
mongerl previous temp files is collected but the latest mongrel temp
file is still there.

                 What i would like to know is there any issue with
mongrel ,if it is plzz let me know

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