I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for running
mongrel/mongrel_service under Windows (Client requires Windows Server
2008, SQL Server 2008, IIS7, no budget for a *nix box of any kind).  I
have a working setup, but wondering if anyone has any further insight.

Current working setup:

Ruby 1.87 (via rubyinstaller.org)
Rail 2.3.11
mongrel 1.1.15 (mingw32)
mongrel_service 0.4.0

I'll be looking at using the ARR features of IIS7 to do some load
balancing between a few instances of mongrel running on different ports
on the same box.

I have read a lot of posts from people discussing troubles in getting
Ruby 1.92 for windows working with mongrel 1.1.20pre and
mongrel_service.  Does anyone have a working setup of this and is it
worth fighting for?


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