Thank you

I have already tried that but monit won't even start if I use this

... then alert
... then exec "/path/to/your/executable"


I also hope if there is possible to use variable for defined alarm in 

The end of my string 'Message on SMS - Monit Problem XYZ'

Like Ā»monit apache alarmĀ«




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Hi Damjan,

On 14/10/16 13:19, Damjan wrote:

I have MONIT setup to send alarm on email.

I have now a script which send SMS but don't know how to implement that into 
MONIT to also get SMS not just email.

I hope that helps.
You can add an extra line to your setup to also execute a script:

... then alert
... then exec "/path/to/your/executable"

There are some examples using the 'exec' option:

Here is a string which I use in terminal to send SMS, how to implement that in 
MONIT to get also SMS alerts?

send-sms -u myusername -p mypassword mymobile0127466424 "Message on SMS - Monit 
Problem XYZ"

I'm not sure about extra arguments passed to your executable.
I prefer to use a wrapper script for these purposes, but this also may work:

... then alert
... then exec "/path/to/send-sms -u myusername -p mypassword mymobile0127466424 
'Message on SMS - Monit Problem XYZ'"

Best regards,

Jose V Beneyto | <> 
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