I have found a potential issue with NetworkStream on ARM (Raspberry).

It might be a stupid bug on my code too, but I don't see it.

In short: a simple multi-threaded server running on Raspberry (same behavior on Mono 4.4.0 as Mono 4.6.0), client on W10:

1. Fails to correctly send data using NetworkStream (server seems to send the data, but it never arrives to client). https://github.com/psantosl/mono-raspberry-socket-issue/blob/master/Program.cs
1.1. Fails *only* using NetworkStream (no BufferedStream or BinaryReader/Writer around, and it still fails): https://github.com/psantosl/mono-raspberry-socket-issue/blob/master-only-network-stream/Program.cs

2. Works correctly using Sockets (no streams on top). https://github.com/psantosl/mono-raspberry-socket-issue/blob/master-use-socket-only/Program.cs

3. Works correctly using a custom NetworkStream:
3.1.  https://github.com/psantosl/mono-raspberry-socket-issue/blob/master-use-alternative-network-stream/Program.cs
3.2.  https://github.com/psantosl/mono-raspberry-socket-issue/blob/master-use-alternative-network-stream/MyNetworkStream.cs
3.3. Although I just saw it timing out after transferring several hundred MB on each connection (I'm on a slow VPN connected to the Raspberry, although we reproduced it on LAN too). Interestingly, using the regular NetworkStream it fails inmediately.

When it fails, what happens is that at a given point in time (in my tests like in a few seconds) one of the client threads (or more than one) NEVER exits the Read, data never arrives although the server log says the data was written, but it doesn't. Since I've set a timeout for the read operation, you see how the program stops working.

== Additional tests performed ==
I tried with different buffer sizes, it always fails with the NetworkStream.

I ran the same server code on other setups:

* Window 10/.NET: OK.
* OpenSuse 13.2 + mono 4.0.4 (Stable OK.
* Raspberry: failed both with mono 4.4.0 and mono- (built from GitHub on the 746756c commit.

I originally discovered the issue running a Plastic SCM server on BananaPi (like a Raspberry + SATA).

== Extra notes ==
* I know the multi-threaded server is not optimal and thread-per-connection is really bad, this is just a test case.
* Initially I thought we had an issue with async sockets, but after a few days I just isolated the problem in NetworkStream.

Any hints would be appreciated.



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