Hi all,
I found a test case generated IL code:
iconst r3 <- [0]
storei4_membase_reg [sp + 0x34] <- r3
add_imm r6 <- sp [0x34]
call r3 <- [r3 <- R76] [r4 <- R77] [r5 <- R78] [r6 <- R79] [r7 <- R80] [r8 <- 
R81] [r9 <- R82] [r10 <- R83] clobbers: c
I have traced actual executing instruction, I found that the offset 0x34 was 
not set correctly on my target
platform. the process is to use method to call a extern C function resides in 
shared library.
the signature is:
mono_test_marshal_bool_ref (int arg, unsigned int expected, unsigned int 
testVal, unsigned int* bDefaultMarsh,
                         unsigned int* bBoolCustMarsh, char* bI1CustMarsh, 
unsigned char* bU1CustMarsh,
                         unsigned short* bVBCustMarsh)

It seems that the caller function set the wrong offset (0x34) to passing 
arguments and callee function overwrite
the memory so that passing parameter wrong.

Please tell me where could I find the offset setting place?


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