> On 19 Mar 2017, at 22:34, Chase <kiro....@gmail.com> wrote:
> I apologize as I used the term marshaling incorrectly here.  I used it as a
> term to describe the differences in how certain objects specifically structs
> are passed between the two methods.  As for internal calls, you receive a
> pointer to memory of the struct, and thunks you pass a boxed mono object.
These API’s (not forgetting mono_runtime_invoke) do, as you say, use different 
calling conventions for their reference type arguments.
I don’t think that there is much to be done about this at the Mono run time 

The thunking API is certainly simpler given that you just have to provide 
MonoObject *.

You could likely provide some helper functions that could query an exclusively  
MonoObject * argument list and unbox reference types on the fly.

> I've written a wrapper generator which aids in the process of binding the
> languages. 

Which language are you calling into the embedded API from?

In my own case my wrappers are produced a code generator which understands how 
to generate argument lists both for property thunking and for method invocation 
using mono_runtime_invoke.

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