Hi I have a .asmx service file in a folder hosted on nginx+fastcgi+mono and
i dont have its corresponding class in codebheind /dll and  i am not
calling this service however i am getting following error .

  <h2 class="exceptionMessage">TypeXXXX.XXXX.abc not found.</h2>
  <p><strong>Description:</strong> HTTP 500.Error processing
request.</p><p><strong>Details:</strong> Error processing request.</p>
<div><strong>Exception stack trace:</strong></div>
<div class="details">  at System.Web.UI.SimpleWebHandlerParser.

i have same thing configured in IIS on windows where its not breaking .

so my question is dose mono tries to load all asmx files and look for there
code behind files in dll located in /bin folder?
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