It would be nice to use the System.Web implementation from Microsoft, but it 
will require work to isolate the Windows dependencies from the rest of the code.

The Xamarin team at Microsoft is focused on mobile, and we are not likely going 
to work on this area of the code, but we could assist contributors that would 
like to contribute to the replacement of key parts of System.Web with the 
Microsoft implementation.


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Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 2:34 PM
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Subject: [Mono-list] Asp.Net - .Net Source code Integration

I was reading .Net Source Code integration doc (*). Is there any plan to use 
Microsoft System.Web and System.Web.Extension in mono? Is there any roadmap to 
know when it will be released?
I'm trying to run asp.net site with a lot of Asp.Net Ajax and it doesn't work. 
It complain a lot of JS errors and it's working in Microsoft asp.net 
implementation, so, i guess it will be fixed with this implementation.

If  nobody is working on this, which is the work that it should be do it?


.NET Source Code Integration | 
With the recent open sourcing of parts of .NET, we want to bring the best 
pieces of .NET to Mono, and contribute the cross platform components of Mono to 
the .NET ...

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