Hi cSharp people!

My name is Radka aaand i'm cSharp as well. I was working with C# for quite
a while as game programmer in Unity3D (and monodevelop) but now I'm wearing
my Red Hat and so I'm trying to get a few dotnet feathers into all kinds of
Hats and Fedoras. I'll be lurking around the list =)

However this is not a self-introduction email! Thought I'll poke you that
we now have dotnet SIG as well, if some of you are interested!

Wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DotNet
List: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/dotnet-sig.lists.
IRC: #fedora-dotnet

Taking it slowly though, please don't expect miracles yet :]

Best regards,

*Radka Janekov√°*
*radka.ja...@redhat.com <radka.ja...@redhat.com>*
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