OK, as requested I have installed a Chrome theme and, as you
suspected, the gallery stops working :(

I tried adding your suggested line of javascript to remove
"Function.prototype.bind;" but that made no difference.

Finally, I then deactivated the theme and even restarted Chrome (next
thing to try is a reboot) however the script is now not working either
(ie with the default theme).  It appears, again as you said, that once
a theme (extension) has been activated once, the offending function is
initiated every time.

So, at least you have discovered why it works for some and not others
(ie the use of a theme or possibly any other extension) - well
done! :)


On 5 ene, 09:10, Sanford Whiteman <sa...@cypressintegrated.com> wrote:
> > so the prototype is being modified by Chrome itself
> Could  someone  with Chrome 3.x (latest stable) please go get a Chrome
> theme, for example their featured "Stargazer" theme? Pretty please?
> Then go to Chris' NoobSlide test page at
>    http://www.cbolson.com/sandbox/mootools/noobslide/demo-6.html
> You  may  finally  see the Function.prototype.bind collision that I've
> been  a  crazy-man  about.  Symptom:  mousing over a thumbnail doesn't
> cause  the  corresponding  image to slide into the main area. (Also JS
> errors easily visible in console.) Cause: Moo bind is preempted.
> If it doesn't happen right away, try installing another theme, closing
> out Chrome, and going back in. Or switch back to the Default theme and
> then restart. Some combination is almost sure to trigger the alternate
> bind  to  load.  I've now gotten it to break on 4 different boxes, 2K3
> and XP, by installing themes.
> Found note at
>    http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/src/chrome/renderer/resou...
> which  suggests  that  their internal JS may only be loaded as part of
> the  extension  loading process (themes are considered extensions). If
> you  had a theme installed at any point (even if you are now using the
> Default  theme),  the  extensions/<themeuuid>  folder remains on disk.
> Some of the time when theme folder/s are detected -- but seemingly not
> in  every  permutation  --  Chrome  will  preload  "privileged  chrome
> extension   related  javascript  APIs"  including  their  incompatible
> version of bind.
> Anybody give me some feedback on this over the next week? TIA.
> -- Sandy

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