some fun stuff from Hollywood....

ggreat lines & film quotes from the stars

From Out of the Past

Jane Greer at roulette wheel

Robert Mitchum:    that's not the way to play it
Greer:    why?
Mitchum:    it's not the way to win
Greer:    is there a way to win?
Mitchum:    well there's a way to lose more slowly

another scene with Mitchum & Virginia Huston talking about Jane Greer

Huston:    what was she like?
Mitchum:    you don't want to know
Huston:    people aren't all bad
Mitchum:    she comes closest

from a 1950's TV interview with John Ford

interviewer:   when you began in films, what were you trying to achieve ?

Ford:    (thoughtfully) I was trying to achieve (pauses, raises cigar above
his head)........ a check!!

from an interview of Vincent Price by Dick Cavett

Cavett:   you are a great horror film actor, what would be your worst
Price, avid art collector & gourmet:   walking into an antique store &
spotting the Mona Lisa  propped up on a chair with a $100 price tag.. just
as some idiot puts his umbrella through the painting


Mae West being interviewed at a 1940's premiere

interviewer:   Miss West, what are you hobbies??

Mae West: ............ Men !!

Interviewer:   Why haven't you married?

Mae West:   Because it would interfere with my hobby....

(Mae's line from She Done Me Wrong "Is that a banana in your pocket or are
you just happy to see me" was one more of the things in addition to Maureen
O'Sullivan's scant oufit she wore in Tarzan that helped lead to the
censorship that severely limited mainstream films from 1934-50's)


Mickey Rooney & Buddy Hackett in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, with hackett
at the controls of the  un-piloted airplane as it flies in/out an airplane
hanger (one of the funniest films of all time. I can imagine how funny it
was to audiences of teh day who had never seen anything like it.. I
remember it myself.!)

Rooney (yelling): what are ya trying to scare me?
Hackett :No
Rooney (yelling): Well you did.....

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