I seem to recall going to an art supply store years ago and buying an
“artist eraser” that did a decent job.

Chris Quarles

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 2:36 PM Michael Greenwood <newswan...@hotmail.com>

> Hello MoPeople
> Is there any consensus or does anybody have any proven tactic for erasing
> pencil, coloured pencil or "grease pencil" markings from posters without
> disturbing the original printed mater underneath? Can this be done? Tell me
> it can and tell me how! Sometimes people like to use these tools to censor
> certain parts of posters that I love and it drives me crazy (I'm all about
> freedom!) so I'd love to know if anybody can guide me or point me to
> products and/or methods that can safely erase this rash and unsightly
> blight from my beloved and innocent paper.
> Thanks!
> Michael
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