I had anotherthough as i wrote the las email.. what is the summery ofall we learn???is it ourwallets, or friends ,ourcollections?? see to me the collections were just the roadmaps to thejourney...as my best memorys are whenwe share the same love ofa artists like amsel <Drew or Brown,,or the quality fthe images, and paper and the peope who broughtall the technical marvel likethe camera cinemtographers..i likethe old Dream factorys ofthe 30s myselfwhenthey had a great working productions co with people liekHurrell snapping 8 x 10 view camersa dn those great worral gear shots on BNC mitchel cameras and great sound...epics liekCB demille...andall the spendor ofthe work,,soundtracks like newman and Kornwo;d and just the way they did stuff,,sane withTV,,the desilu,,and Dannt thomas a local Toledoan where the trendsetters,,,its only been likea little ver 100 years and ive been so thankful i got towitness it..andthen to see digital...and cgi,,,,film can stillcommunicate thoughts and i think itwill get better..howevere right now we are inthe midst ofa correcton...dvds arealmost given away as most stream...wheni asked to getinto distributionof films they told me Tom is allcontent nw and downloaded...they dont even need cable...its being run by netflix and the like,,,before wheni was at my heydey we had actual hard copy dvds...but then myetire busines has been old tech since 1977..i stilluse a floppy disc camea to take ppics..anda flip phone and no cable jusa tube tv,,probably fromthe 80s...and a old computer..i kinda like it..

anyways here was JOhnnys last guesstand show andbette dida great job ona old tune... itkinda sums me up andmaybe all of us as Carson was my fave and hes gon but I think they are all waiting for the baestpart ofthe journey an d we all will meet upagain..otherwise nothing matters at alll.... asitgoes so quick....

Best to everyone... myex would say whats itgoingtomatter 100 years frm now...and in my life ive seen most forget or translate histoy wrong even 50 years later...asits how ths world works...andthose that run stuff just try toconvince many f things that are not truth ,,,buteventually the truth come outit just takes awhile...God does no havea watch....hes timeless...eternity is mind boggling but sounds great as imagine all the people you cantalk to??andinmy case i may go one forcenturies,,,LOL:) as i love history,show biz and art and music,,imagine the jam sessions alone.... enjoy the song and havea great weekend Folks


On 2018-02-23 12:17, dreamfact...@hollywooddreamfactory.com wrote:
a great moment

Last night i posted some bagpipe music on my facebook as my
grandmother was "Dorothy Anette McRonald
her dad was in the Scottish Rite..and her mom used to have tea with
Mark Twain in Bermuda as he loved Bermuda..Bermuda is  british isle
and kirk Douglas wife is alao from there and Michael was born there in
like 1945...my family movedtostates in1947,,most of the girls married
GIs from ww2.as Brmuda was a port...several were fromToledo thats why
we endeu here,,they wanted to go toCT,,,and most moved to florida...my
dads side is near Philadelphia..andRochester new York,,
MY pop was a british dough Boy in ww 1
So I was thinking how our familys friends inspire us.. My father i
never met was a USA marine sgt in Korea his folks wee from sicily and
he was from Rochester new york but lived in Philly..my name would have
been Marotta had he married mom...

So all of a sugga had this feeling of spiritual connection likeall
these folkd were reachng out to me..purpose meaning andthey were
saysing we all suffer as the recent tradgedy hit me  more then my own
issues..as i relate to kids as i was one myself /

So Adrian Cowdry who stoppd by my shop while inUSAand at cinevent waas
one as he was a tall large red haired scot witha heart of gold...and
we gotalong..i still rember he bought Kubrick inserts and Bond
stuff...and was a funny guy and kind..

then i remember Morrie Everett stopped by and bought some stills of
mae west and others as i had stamped Hurrell and cs Bull,,It was
summer and i was inthe back ofmy building cleaning 16mmfilms with
filmrenew a stinky cleaner on some rewinds so he caught me by
surprise...itwas cool meeting a legend dealer in person..te
eurodealers inUK, Gernay and more thank YOu
,Jim Episale bought a bulk deal
 Zeev Drach who is from Canada stopped by bought lobby cards..he was
in the Israel army and again kind, honest and was a pleasure to meet
and deal with he also was on way to Cinevent
Many othes have called ordone business b yemail over 41 years...as whe
ni styarted ther was no internet,no ebay..so my 1st adas were
infilmmcollectors world..which was alanligh and rick best before Brian
  had it in Frazier Michigan..i would take my hand made ads inperson
asthe dealines were so close....i also advertised in Goldmine,,clasic
images,The Big real..

each on appealed toa different genre or clients like Comic buyers
guide was comics  however theyallcrossed over ..this was before the
term POPculture became a word...actually teh bowling green state
libray seemed to coin it as they started withdetective pulps, records
on vinyl and movie posters..ey used to have sales where you could buy
the excess  stuff and itwas cheap....people would fiight over
hem...1/2 sheet .one sheets liek 1.000 each this was 79. ish//

so i thought all these people ive met inthe busines...andwhats funny
is many i never met or they have passed away or retired as many were
in 60-70 wheni was liek 20..like all the cool book authors...man Herb
Bridges wh did many GWTW books was a ccustomer..as welas Jame
Parrish...andother notable..always kind and they shared
advice,eduscationn..BRuce Hershenson helped me ona Harold lloyd one
sheet i had back inthe 80s as i boughta bunch of stone lithos..i
actualltraded toy litho Robts for the posters..

Randy Polling was a teacher ofhow to pack and he gave me deals as he
was in clevlenad,,Marty Lifshultz of movie gallery ineast meadow New
york was a geratsupplier of colubia titles...he also had spanish  and
other ones...i went to his shop and also randys  and there was a jeff
in Manhattan...i met John KIsh at a cineeventand we did trades
forBlack movie posters fora almanac ad..very supportive manandtold me
the poster mafia accepted me whichwas a honor...

so many memories..if anyone can send a email to Adrains wife please
tell her i had a good thought memory of him... he was a gentleman..

then the women on Mopo.. Like the retoorationwman susan olsen..i
remebershe loved her grand kids.. and was funny she microwaved a honet
bear and it blew up  !! andShelly whitworth a great lady inUK that i
think i scared to death as i was always trying to fgure herout...lol i
was like her 1st experience maybe with a add usa guy..Nathalie, Cindy
Nemeth,,Debie Jacobson..so many peope sorry if i forget to mention you
all...David leiberman whos guts to sell high end astound me and make
me get hives....Dario Cassedi..othres inthelinnen backing...
the guys like me that like everything..Channing Thompson...whmay be
moreadd then me...ifthere was a contest.....the many dealers who do
auctions like Contrino and the sellers on ebay andall  youamaze me how
you have grown and have a good website ,,mind has not been upddtyed
since 2000..

.and then sue fromHollywood posters we are fromOHIO and she justa
trooper i always admired the work ethic..and Dot Levy shes like a kind
soul and funny   that was always kind...Freeman fisher well he  was
always great but seldom see his posts anymore...Tom Pennock livei
think in Michigan...so many ill miss someone... so sorry i blame it on
old age...and maybe ptsd...

Toochis Morin another curiosity to me as when she was younger she was
a real pistol..i still remeber her story of flicking a cig at
someone...its beenlike25   30 yearrs i think..we ll sine the (0s as
the internet just started...also so many of you i knew of inads liek
dwight clecvland.. and alan Adler mom and pop collectables....an
dfound out he bought my products fora movie,,

earl Blair-capt bijou was with Nostalgia merchant a compant\y i always
wanted the signed posters they had and even when dorothy had them at
Hollywood studio magazine i wanted them ..they were 100.00 at the
time..but signed by a whos who..
then there Rudy Franchi....so much ofthe biz and again always helped
me withadvice and i stillowe him a clapboard clock..he asked for
probably 20 years ago....
.i just need to make

the fab team of sue and ed poole i remember ther books and when the
flood s hit and thiersons guitar amp was destroyed..the many losss of
mope members..the nerves of steel of mopos founderand also steve
Haynes and the folks at cinevent..
Rich halagua,,,cory.. i feel like romper room naming everyone but its
a community and what the world is all about,...the famous lawsuits,,,,
with Gresham andothers.the linenbackers like Igor, Dario, and others
that were the topic of many posters..the guys that buy high end stuff
like back inthe day it wa Fishman in new york who offer like  10 k for
frankensteing  and fishler? now it seems to be Deluca..
thenther was the menches like Andrea Kanter and Ira
Ruebenstien who have been like many of the moperes like family...
Ira gave my son a tour of MGM/sony pics studio and ..
Gtrg Douglas invited me and my brother to one of his greatshows with
many famous rock members liek chris slade of ac/dc and was justas
funny and kind as he is online and very sensitive as are many moperes
like Rick Ryan the songwriter that does books and kennedy
songs...and,, and

such a eleclecic group..Jeffpotaakarand i argued weeks over where my
copy of the movie poster book  was a 1stedition or not...lol this hoby
is certifiable nuts...as ive aged its likewho cares..ill be dead and
no one is goingto say was that a 1st or 2nd edition...lol

plus i cant even find stuff now its been so long...almost 1/.2 a century

the only thing stable had been scott the list ownerei suspect he may
be a AI person incapable of anger or what therestof us do as he would
be a great nurseryschool attendent...

he must be ai programed for calmness and fair and just a great guy,,i
would love  to meet him and havea coffee...as he has been responsible
for providing this mopo coffe shop with no pay he nevertrys to sell
anything or put his beliefs or opinions out there,,i thonk ive only
seen him get rilled up liek one time.ever and i forget was it was..

ther was Donnie fromthe style b group..what the ehck was that all about...

andthenthers me...the best speller and grammar kindonmpo and shortest
emais i dont knowthe word incessant...

OH its like we have all taken a lng travel ride onthis journey andi
want to thank youall...as we all end up the same place inthe end...

the people like Ron Borst,  Ron Morre and other dealers who have
helped me Ron gavethe poster --1928 to Forry Ackeman  andi wa
thrilled..i didnt get alot of money but i felt it went to te right
homme......as foy was like a kid he was genuinne..i met him in Pa ate
the monster m
monster Bash show..as well as the Chaney family...andTomSavini..

I almost got to meet Frank capra my fave and did get to talk on Phone
with Linwood dun asc//

what else i sold many itens to mopo people liekDale dilts, Dave at posteroplis
sam Sarowitz and pisreatti..

ine the old days itwas all the theaterposterexchangelike in tenn ,
kennsingto garedens in washington,,,greg eggbert  in la...,,,hard to
remember them all,,movie madness in cinci dennis clark and  deb in
Georgtown-Movie madness.. dc..Pix postercellar....

sharon Herndon "remember when" in Dallas...and grey smith at heritage
inDallas...wonderful peple that have touched my life n a positive
way,,thank you...

what sparked all this is the shooting made me think of how God family
and friends are everything to me over the sales,the sucess , the
a ex employee whos in la reached out sent me a dvd on juicing as he
felt that same loveto care..and help as he has seen my issues over the
last 17 years...

many people in the government and state thoughti was embellishing what
was wrongas we are so suspect f everything in today world...
marketing has taken over logic and kindness..insincerity..
so when i go to sell stuff many are so used to gimmick and ruses they
think thers a catch...
why would a guy have instorage since 1977 all thes ethings and notseel them???

maybe he doesnt have anything,,he says he was sick, he says he cant
see it or find it...wheni even consider it i think well people just
dont want the facts as the truth is strarnger then fiction...always..
so...iim curently trying to sell stuffand plan to list assumingmy eye
doe notburts a vessell.
I plan to sell dvds real cheap,,cds and posters and magazine and books
and projectost.films..and other photo gera and toys...
i will also be working on health..as i started theplant based inernest
andits awesome..

also liftin weights..and prayer. bdy mind spirit

I am in a possible legal dispute again this time,   usa/chinese firm
wants to take dream factory™ my dominant part of my trademark and make
I gave then cease and desist but they figure what can a 1/2 blind
/notwealthy old guy do to defend it..

the only thing i feel is like the kids inflorida...i have some ofthe
best peple inshow biz inmy life ,,like collectors,dealers and
industry..that know the truth...

and most of all God knows that facts..and he got me this far andi cant
een believ it myself....

So ill d gods will hopefully i hope to pay it forward and itmay sound
silly as its notlikeim wealthy and believe it or not no profits have
rejected my help likewheni said ok letsstarta rides forthe blind..a
woman called me(BLIND woman) and said we dont need yourhelp its nota
god idea we getallong fine...antehr groupto help musicians the guywont
even call me back and i wanted t give them instruments......i think
what the heck,,theni got kicked of medicaid as i made to much
income...from disability..then the world sales and climate of notknow
whats next..ive say many days just waiting fora mesaage...the legal
matters and health takes upa long time so itcosts me sales....

but when i ask god why?? the answer i get is ,,Tom.... tom ,
tom,tom,,,,why on earth do yu expect to be treated different theni
was??? why do you deserve it...

so i calm down and say thank you lord as i se this is a great lesson
in empathyand understanding and why lent was so important..its not
tocrush us,,but to enlightenus justas thechildren inFlorida are
teaching us all..

so i wont give up until he says its time to go...

maybe ill just sella few posters ormaybe ill just mumble around and
maybemake someone laugh  oralso not give up....

Maybe it was that big bloke Adrian Cowdry reaching down and saying
dont give up Tomm...

it would not surprise me at all...

all the best to everyone and thanks for yourtime;i wishyouall the best
and a happy 2018 and hope i can do business with you,,maybe buy stuff,
klearn new things..and help the community andthe world in some small
kindest regards, Tom


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