To all registered bidders in auctions:

 For the first time in nearly 2,000 sets of auctions, our website crashed
just as the first of our 999 auctions were closing. Our galleries and our
entire site was "down" for 37 minutes, and only those who had direct links
to actual closing auctions could place bids, and of course, many hundreds
of people could not place bids at all.

*As is clearly noted on every auction, we reserve the right to extend
auctions by 24 hours if this happens as the auctions are closing, and so,
for the first time since we went to our own auctions on our own site 10
years ago, we HAVE extended all auctions by 24 hours, so they all now end
one day after they were originally supposed to (on Friday, August 13th).*

We are working very hard to get our auction galleries updated to reflect
the new closing times, but that may take a while, as it is very
complicated. and while we *HAVE *fixed many of the problems with the
website, a few still remain (but we should surely have those remaining
issues fixed soon, or at the latest early on Friday).


If you were planning on bidding on any of the 999 auctions we had closing
today, Thursday the 12th, know that you now have roughly 24 additional
hours in which to do so, and that they will all begin closing at 7 PM CST
Friday, six seconds apart, exactly as they were originally going to on

And any of you who were the high bidder on the first 400 or so items that
appeared to close while our site was completely down, know that you did *
STILL "THERE"* and if you were the high bidder when the outage occurred and
no additional bids are placed during the extended time, you *WILL *win
those items for your previous high bid, but you will have to wait until
Friday to find out (and of course you *CAN *place additional bids on any of
the 999 items, either now or at any time until the close in the usual way on

*And you CAN be outbid on any of the items if someone now places a higher
bid than you, so please review your bids as the auctions close (or sooner)
to see if you were outbid (and of course you can then bid again).*

And of course we *VERY MUCH* apologize to *ALL *our bidders for this
inconvenience. I realize this is not a perfect solution, but it is the one
that is most fair to all bidders. Thanks for your understanding during this
most trying time.


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