hmm,........what a silence,at first i tought it had something to do with
Thanksgiving,or Trump ,.....or a strange feast in Finland but no.
Apparently Tim rappl posted Pirsig's real adress on the lila squad list .
14 days ago.Around 7 th nov ,So probably some clowns are fooling around
with google earth?,
getting on the captains lawn?, searching the mailbox visually?.
It takes an American to betray an American i'll suppose.
The census records are public domain.That was easy.

A piece for assorted lunatics.


2016-11-26 17:28 GMT+01:00 Adrie Kintziger <>:

> Hi , All;--
> Dan wrote,
> You can't have the
> good without the bad. Yes, we Americans shoot and kill a disportionate
> number of fellow citizens compared to the rest of the civilized world.
> But we have a constitutional right to bear arms and we will fight for
> that right.
> (Adrie)
> I can see part of your point.
> But my considerations corner around the question,should the good or the bad
> be under a constant review for its place in the law,time and opportunity?;
> Is it normal that a candidate Us -president passes the nra-filters before
> taking office, or before taking part on the elections?.....
> Why does it seem like an impossibility to even have a decent candidate
> if he does not want to make himself subordinate to the nra or what is it
> the fifth amendement?.
> Personaly i do not oppose to firearms or the bearing of them.It is allowed
> here still to have a rifle or a revolver,if one is a hunter or if one is a
> member of
> a shooting club.They will give a permit here still;but not if there are
> proven facts of misconduct.
> We cannot bear them on the streets.If moved in a car the bullets need to be
> separated from the gun,same rule applies for keeping them at home.
> The ammo needs to be separated from the weapon.Both need to be in a vault
> that is not one's bedroom.One mistake, and you loose all permits.
> The doubts i'll have about the American way of handling these issue's are
> the following.
> Is there any need to play around with tannerite,....?(big amounts of it.)
> Is there a need for the bearing of assault rifle's?, capable of
> burst-modus when
> some minor alterations are done?.
> Is there a real need for ammo capable of shredding pigs, and by
> implication, humans?.Bullits capable of diffracting,....yes, the word in
> the old days was
> dum-dum ammo, perfect for deer,or pulverising melons!
> My point is, why o why is there a need for a weapon that can fire thru a
> vault
> both ways on a great distance?.
> There was a documentary here long ago, about America, and its citizens,
> i think it was made by louix Theroux,were he interviewed random people
> in the streets.Once he was outside the city's heat, he went along the
> countryside,into the forrest, where the house's have some distance from the
> mainroads and long driveways.The type of environment were the signs say,
> No trespassing, and Moonshine is written all over the place.
> At a certain moment the crew lost its way,and simply drove up on someone's
> driveway to ask for the correct direction.About 10 minutes after that event
> they got pulled over by the sherrif, telling them they were at risk to do
> so.
> The sherrif accompanied them to their next adress.Just to make sure.
> See what i'm pointing at?.
> I'M switching to Mr Harding now.
> David Harding says.....
> "Being Australian, and so from a culture which is inherently suspicious
> of authority; I can’t envisage such large powers being given to any one
> individual in our culture. And yes, like Pirsig, I attribute much of
> Australian culture to a mixture of European and indigenous culture (though,
> like Pirsig, to suggest as much is deemed a very peculiar statement
> indeed)."
> (Adrie)
> I tought you were an American.My mistake.
> Maybe your idea about The American native chief would be a very good
> basis to examine these factualities further.Probably Dan and DMB and John
> are very well placed to discuss such things.
> As an Australian, part of the angle you probably have , is that the old
> laws
> that came along with the English roots in your country,should have a lot of
> congruence still with the Americans laws?, to give an example of what
> i mean to say is,people in the Us or Australia find it very normal that a
> man, stealing two bars of candy in a shop,is convicted of 3 years in
> prison?...
> Here in Europe you get 8 years for murder if you'r lucky.Its a rarity here
> if you
> go to prison for rape.
> Europe is becoming a failure btw.I really wished it would fall apart again.
> We used to have only the benelux before the united Europe,only Belgium,
> Netherland,Luxemburg were connected.Things were very well then.
> 26 governements peacefully working together?.It is a fairy tale in the end.
> My fingers a very rusty in English.
> Adrie
> ..
> 2016-11-26 8:02 GMT+01:00 Dan Glover <>:
>> Adrie, all,
>> On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 10:13 AM, Adrie Kintziger <>
>> wrote:
>> > Dmb, David J, Dan, Horse,Tuukka,John etc...
>> >
>> > Sorry for the delayed response.The last two years i'v developed a heart
>> > condition.Sometimes my motor scales down to about 30 beats/min.
>> > If so, i'm to tired to type or function well.The medics here do not call
>> > that an
>> > urgent condition.I did all tests.The diagnostics are not conclusive, so
>> i
>> > will
>> > have new tests halfway December. I also developed something they call
>> > extra systoles.Apparently innocent extra heartbeats inbetween the normal
>> > rithm.About 40.000 per day. Very annoying.
>> > But enough of that.
>> Dan:
>> Take care of yourself, my friend.
>> >
>> > I believe that i have read somewhere that Pirsig is a
>> Democrat?..probably
>> > in the observer interview.People here in Europe do not understand a
>> country
>> > with only Democrates and Republicans, a kandidate-president who wins the
>> > populair vote, and loses the presidency.
>> > Europeans do not understand why the American president is called the
>> > President of the free world, and has the power to rule the country on
>> his
>> > own
>> > agenda with the help of an administration appointed by him.
>> > Bush simply ordered the war on Irak.
>> > Why does America need the house of representatives, the parliament,the
>> > senate,the still existing houses of representatives in the apart
>> states?...
>> > People wonder here if they are only there for local laws,traffic
>> > rules,pollution
>> > rules..........what if Trump can rule the country And the free world as
>> an
>> > emperor?,...strange really, because when his time is done,he can walk
>> from
>> > the scene,leaving all responsibilities behind him.
>> Dan:
>> Our US government is obstinately a system of checks and balances. The
>> legislative branch, representatives and senators, create laws. The
>> executive branch, the president, his cabinet, etc., approve and carry
>> out the laws. The judicial branch, the surpreme court, explains and
>> interprets the laws. In theory, each body of government balances the
>> others. For instance, the president does not have unlimited power.
>> While Bush did order the war, he had to go to congress for funding.
>> Things being what they were at the time, what with the social mania re
>> terrorism and the fear that more attacks were imminent, funding was
>> indeed provided. Support our troops was the name of the game. That is
>> how the administration spun the (in hindsight needless) war(s).
>> So far as local laws vs federal, we have another war going on now here
>> in the US. The drug war. Numerous states have legalized marijuana or
>> are in the process, while federal law still prohibits it. This is what
>> is referred to as grassroots legislation. Rather than congress passing
>> laws and the president approving them and the supreme court
>> interpreting them, the will of the people takes precedence. This is
>> the cornerstone of the United States. It doesn't matter who is
>> president or whether democrats or republicans control congress. The
>> Constitution is an intellectually-based document that guarantees
>> certain rights to individuals, for better or worse. You can't have the
>> good without the bad. Yes, we Americans shoot and kill a disportionate
>> number of fellow citizens compared to the rest of the civilized world.
>> But we have a constitutional right to bear arms and we will fight for
>> that right.
>> This confluence of good and bad is what gives such power, such Dynamic
>> force to the US and its people. Trump is not an emperor by any
>> stretch. He serves the will of the people. Whether he understands that
>> yet, I don't know. He will, though.
>> >
>> > These are some considerations.
>> Thanks, Adrie. Please let me know if anything I say is unclear.
>> Dan
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