elephant wrote:

> David, I like that alot.
> Care to expand?  
> Zeno said that he could answer the question "are things one or 
many?", but
> only if someone could explain to him what "one" is.
> >Tao gives birth to One.
> Hm - does this mean that numerical distinctness is a form that we
> (intellect) give birth to and project upon the continuum?  Such 
would be the
> Platonic account.

David Lind responds: 

To the Trunked one (do you have one tusk or two?  Ganesha?  Is that 
you?)  :o) 

But seriously - the best explanation I've run across explaining the 
above section of the Tao te Ching comes from the Yuan Dao...

Dao gives rise to continuity,
Continuity to distinctions,
Distinctions to plurality,
And plurality to proliferation.

The text also runs the above backwards to see the effect: 

The myriad gives rise to three,
Three to two,
Two to one,
And one to the Dao.

The idea being (IMHO) that Dao (Quality) is neither the one or the 
many - but BOTH.  At the same time.


David Lind

P.S. Can someone explain to me why logic is so important an

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