Dear Andy,
Having used the NextEngine with both the minimum and recommended
specs (for scanning humeri)I would advise to go for the recommended
specs as a baseline. As you said RAM isn't a problem,I'd put as much
as you can in (although to go above 4gb you'll obviously need a 64bit
OS) -the scanning program sucks up memory,especially when aligning
scans and fusing them.
Hope that's of help.
Tom O'Mahoney

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> Subject: Next Engine 3D scanner hardware requirements
> Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 14:24:58 -0600
> From: Andy Grass <>
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> Hi everyone, we just got a new Next Engine 3D scanner here at the
> University of Iowa morphometrics lab and I was wondering if anyone had
> any experience using it on computers with different hardware.  The
> minimum requirements are 2GB or RAM  and a 256MB video card, and the
> recommended requirements are 4GB of RAM and a 512MB video card.  Does
> anyone have experience using it with both the minimum and recommended
> requirements? None of the computers we have currently are powerful
> enough to run it, so we'll have to get a new one.  Getting more RAM
> isn't an issue but most of the default computers that can be ordered
> from the university come with just a 256MB video card.  So if the
> lower power video card works just fine then that's great, but if the
> difference in performance with a 512MB card is significant then I'll
> push for that.
> Thanks!
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