Dear tpsDig users,

After a time away from using tpsDig I am back digitizing Sympetrum (Medowhawk 
dragonfly) wings with tpsDig2 … with a twist.  I am doing it on a Mac using 
wine, the PC emulator.  It works well but I am in need of one of the old 
functions called template-mode.

In the 'old days', template mode allowed you to use an empty tps list of image 
file names with LM set to zero to acquire a first set of landmarks on specimen 
1 and then inherit those landmarks to specimen 2 and then in an edit step take 
one of the extreme landmarks and move it to its correct location on specimen 2 
with all the other landmarks following in parallel.  Then on had the 
opportunity to pick up another extreme landmark and move it to its correct 
location … all the while the other landmarks were scaled to fall at their 
calculated positions in between … relatively close to where they should be in a 
similar or identical species.  This was a very valuable tool for inheriting the 
general locations of landmarks on 2-D specimens such as my hundreds of 
Sympetrum wings.

Now, as I am using the template mode of tpsDig2 most recent version, I see that 
the new inheritance mode works differently and I want to be sure that I can use 
it most effectively.

I now, after digitizing my first specimen in the tps list, put on template mode 
and go to my next image.  I then grab a central, rather than an extreme 
landmark and move it to its correct location on the image. Once I then release 
it all the other inherited landmarks have been moved in parallel to new 
locations somewhat near their correct locations but would benefit from rotation 
or isometric scaling to be closer to their correct locations on the image.  I 
then have the sometimes laborious task of moving the landmarks to their correct 
positions and when they need substantial rotation or resizing the task is more 
laborious than in the old days when the resizing and rotation were a part of 
the inheritance protocol.   …   Am I missing some widget or control-key the 
would allow better inheritance of the landmark positions.  Perhaps in using 
wine I have lost some help file  that would have told me how to use the new 
inheritance tool.

It still is the best 2-D digitizing software, is it not?


-·.  .· ·.  .><((((º>·.  .· ·.  .><((((º>·.  .· ·.  .><((((º> .··.· >=-       
Joseph G. Kunkel, Emeritus Professor
Biology Department
UMass Amherst
Amherst MA 01003

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