Dear Jim and Morphmet,

I just want to comment on using tpsDig on a Mac.  tps Dig is my go-to software 
for 2-D landmark digitizing of images.  To digitize I would previously have to 
use one of my PCs in my lab which was often a pain.  I was reluctant to use 
several of the PC-on-your-Mac options because they meant partitioning your disc 
or in some sense running two separate worlds on your Mac which always made me 
nervous for several security software reasons.  
Using the emulation program, wine ( 
<>), has changed everything.  It works as a unix program 
run from your Mac Terminal console.  I have tested several of the tps suite of 
software from Rohlf and they work like a charm.  One trick however to get 
around the need for a ‘right-click’ in tpsDig is to redefine the right-click as 
something else such as a track-pad tap which works like a charm.
Thank you wine for allowing me to ‘go home’ and do tpsDig on my Macs!

-·.  .· ·.  .><((((º>·.  .· ·.  .><((((º>·.  .· ·.  .><((((º> .··.· >=-       
Joseph G. Kunkel, Emeritus Professor
Biology Department
UMass Amherst 
Amherst MA 01003

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