Thank you all for your help.  Moving forward I purchased a Pentax K3 DLSR 
<> and a Pentax 35 mm HD Macro lens 
(extremely low distortion rating).  My picking some enthusiast brains on 
the Pentax Forums one individual (after I announced the equipment I just 
purchases) stated 
that it is recommended to use 100-200mm+ lenses and zoom in to the subject 
to remain near orthogonal as possible.  In hindsight I'm a little worried 
about parallax distortion (something that is supposed to be addressed by 
telecentric lenses which don't really seem feasible for my applications and 
definitely not for my budget).  So for those of you that are more 
knowledgeable about this type of photography did I shoot myself in the 
foot?  Should I try to return the prime 35 mm macro and instead purchase a 
50 mm or 100 mm (meaning I'll need to be like 10 ft away from my 7-20 cm 
subjects in a two story room with a step ladder, lol). 

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