Greetings morphometricians,

I noticed a strange behaviour while attempting to obtain closed curves from 

When I resample the curve, the first and last point remain fixed, and only 
other points get repositioned. This is the correct behaviour for open 
curves. However - to my understanding - in closed curves only one of these 
points (ex. first) should be fixed.

To reproduce it, follow:

1. Options > Close Curve
2. Modes > Draw Curve
3. Now, draw anything you wish, ex. an ellipse.
4. Right click on your closed curve > Resample Curve
4.1 Input a far bigger number of points (I know, I know, but it's easier to 
notice this way)
4.2 Chose [By Length] > Ok.

The distance between last and first landmark remains fixed. Again, a 
behaviour I'd only expect in open curves. Am I wrong to expect the 
resampling to effect all points except the first one in the specific case 
of closed curves??

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

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