A postdoc of mine asked me to send along the below request to morphmet - any help would be appreciated! Please reply straight to her. /Göran

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Subject:        [ebc-zooeco] Insect wing images needed
Date:   Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:57:41 +0000
From:   Zorana Kurbalija Novicic <zorana.novi...@ebc.uu.se>
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Dear colleagues,

I have lost a large amount of time and energy in manually putting a landmarks on thousands of Drosophila wings in order to perform some geometric morphometry analysis. I am sure that I have sympathy of some of you who are experiencing the same.

Recently I made collaboration with colleagues from IT Department (Uppsala University) with an aim to make that boring process automatized. Now, I am happy inform you that we are approaching the final phase in software development and that hopefully will enable us to perform landmarking automatically.

I am writing to you because I need your assistance. *I would very much appreciate if you have some good quality images (tiff or jpeg) of insect wings to share with me- so I can try to analyze the applicability of software across different insect species *(and not only Drosophila).

Looking forward to receive the material and thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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Zorana Kurbalija Novicic, PhD
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