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Hi everyone,

I've received a MorphoJ file from one of my collaborators, and I am
supposed to put together her analysis and mine's. Does anyone know how to
merge both morphoJ files? The other option is to append the two tps files
with tpsUtil, but I will have to re-do all the analysis in morphoJ.
Thank you very much,

Hi Aixa,
I don't know of any automated solution and I'm by no means expert in these MorphoJ details (maybe Dr. Klingenberg will chime in). However, I notice that the .morphoj files are nicely formatted XML files (with indentation and all). I tried to combine two sets of analyses (each containing different datasets) by putting together different morphosets (opening and closing tag <morphoset>) and it seems to work (all nested within a single morphojproject). Please, keep in mind this is undocumented and might not always work. But I guess it's easy enough to give it a try using an advanced text editor (such as Notepad++).
I hope this helps,

Carmelo Fruciano
Postdoctoral Fellow - Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane, Australia
Honorary Fellow - University of Catania - Catania, Italy

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