Hello everyone,

For my master thesis I look at sexual dimorphism of the zygomatic. I want 
to do an analysis a PCA and DFA with size included. I found that I can do 
the PCA with size in morphologika, but morphologika cannot do the DFA. In 
MorphoJ I cannot find an option to let size be included. If this is not 
possible I would like to do the DFA by hand in spss, but I have not been 
able to find which data I should include in the analysis. I did a 
regression analysis to see the effect of size on the shape, but find it 
hard to interpret the results (see below). I believe that it says that 
there is no correlation between size and shape. I would like to know if 
there is a correlation between size and sex as well.  In this the depended 
variable is my data (with GPA) and the independent variable is the centriod 

So in short my questions are:

How do I include size in my sample with an PCA and DFA?

And how do I read the regression outcome?

Sums of squares (the sums of squares below are within-group SSs)

Total SS:                      0,11413299

Predicted SS:              0,00282065

Residual SS:                0,11131234

% predicted:         2,4714%

Permutation test against the null hypothesis of independence

Number of randomization rounds: 10000

P-value: 0,0879

I hope I kept my questions quite clear and someone is willing to help me 
with these.

If I forgot any information please let me know.

Kind regards,


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