Hi everybody,

I'm doing geometric-morphometric on fish pictures. With TPSutil, I built my tps 
files from images and I digitalized landmarks. I let the 'include path' option 
checked for all my TPS files.

Now I want to save a back up of those images with their landmarks. 
Unfortunately, I'm unable to save a copy of my tps files (images + landmarks) 
on another computer (or even a USB stick). I'm only able to export the 
coordinates of those landmarks in a excel file. 

I tried to copy all my images and all my tps files on a USB stick, but it 
didn't work...I think it's because the "path" of my tps files is now fixed with 
the original computer. So I'm looking for a solution! Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much,

Gabriel Piette-Lauziere
Master student
Laval University

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