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On Friday, July 28, 2017 at 10:48:29 AM UTC-4, Christy Anna Hipsley wrote:
> Dear Morphmet Community, 
> I kindly ask your help in completing a short survey on trends in digital 
> morphology data generation and use as part of a perspectives piece on the 
> “Ethics of data sharing in the age of digital imaging”, which I will 
> present at this year’s BioSyst EU meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden (
> While many recommendations have been made on best practices in this field, 
> we as a community are still far from a consensus on how our data should be 
> managed, both on the side of the people generating it and the people 
> requesting it. 
> Your responses are anonymous, and I will post the results on Morphmet at 
> the end of the survey. The questions are focused on 3D digital morphology 
> data (CT, laser scanning, etc), but please feel free to answer if you also 
> deal with 2D images. 
> To reach the survey, go here: 
> The site will remain active for the next 2 weeks, until Friday, 11 August. 
> Almost every question has the option to enter text, so please give as much 
> information and opinions as possible to help us represent your concerns! 
> Thank you for your time, 
> Christy Hipsley & Emma Sherratt 

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