We are very excited to present you the new version of IPSDK.

Now usable in C++ and Python 3.5 (based on anaconda distribution), IPSDK offers 
a complet set of features for 2D and 3D image processing:

Feel free to test it !

Evolutions of this 1.5 version:
- IPSDK now compatible with many OS,
- Better integration in Python IDE and new tools,
- New Non Local Means algorithm,
- FFT,
- Image Cylinder Unrolling,
- New statistical measures,
- Extraction of grey signed features,
- K-Mean classification,
- etc...

Read the what's new document: What's new: 

Feel free to ask an evaluation version.

The Integration of our Library into your application would give you a real 
business advantage over your competitors.
The implementation of IPSDK would allow you to dramatically reduce your 
processing time and give you a competitive edge.
Benchmark tests have shown faster detection times compared with other 
technologies available on the market
IPSDK is probably the fastest image processing library on the market !!

See complet list of features and measures

IPSDK is also available in Avizo and Amira with IPSDK Bridge. This module is 
included with IPSDK Toolkit license.

Link to Visual 2015 express
Link to Python 15 anaconda (3_4.2.0) for windows

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