Hi folks,

I had a chance to compile my published CT imaging, landmark and genotype data 
from last couple years into a project called 'Genetics of Craniofacial Shape in 
Mus' at the Open Science Framework. Project is publicly available at 

The bulk of the data comes from a mouse backcross between A/J (A) and C57BL/6J 
(B6) strains. There are about 500 head microCT scans and associated skull 
landmarks. Both of those can be readily visualized in 3D Slicer. The genotype 
(1449 SNPs) phenotype (sex, and litter) data is available as a R/qtl cross 
file. I hope to add the mandible landmarks when I have the chance, along with 
data from another paper, which is in review.

The repository also contains the microCT skull/mandible 'atlas' that was 
constructed using a large number of classical and wild-derived inbred Mus 
musculus strains, along with the code to conduct image processing and analysis 
in R.

Each project component has a wiki that explains  datasets with more detail. All 
data are provided freely. If you end up using data for a publication, please 
cite the project with its DOI and appropriate publication(s). Full-text 
publications (and citations) are available under the 'Zotero' section of the 
main project.

Hope you find it useful. Please let me know if you have questions, or encounter 
issues with the data.

Best wishes,

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