Dear all,

I´d like to ask you if any of you could suggest me some geometric 
morfometric variables that could be used as traits for a phylogenetic 
signal test. Up to now I have taken only the PC1 and PC2 from a PCA after 
doing the nomal treatment to the landmarks sets... After that I also used 
as trait the centroid size, but is it there any other variable that could 
be informative about the sape that I can also use??? I´m working with 
snails and a set of 24 landmarks and semilandmarks in around 20 samples per 
species...and 20 species...and the question I want to solve is if the  
shell shape in the phylogeny is distributed randomly or follows some 

If anybody could suggest me something will be great!

Thank you all in advance!!!

Best wishes,


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