Hi All

I'm currently trying to append curves to landmarks using the function in 
tpsUtil (I want to use the curve information as sliding landmarks) however 
any time I try to do this tpsUtil gives me an error message saying 
'0.004149' is not a valid floating point value.' I take this to mean that 
one of the points I made when digitizing is not "valid" and so tpsUtil 
cannot read the file? Is this right? When I was digitizing tpsDIG kept 
popping up error messages but I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, 
I was just tracing the outline using the 'draw curve' function. I'd delete 
the curve and start over, but it happened every time I outlined a molar so 
eventually I jut kept going. Did this mess me up? Was there a way to fix 
what I was doing that would have meant my curves would be read in tpsUtil? 
Is there a way I can manually append my curve data as landmarks that could 
still be read into Geomorph or Momocs as sliding landmarks? Could I edit 
the tps file manally to do this or am I going to have to start over 
redrawing the curves? I need to delete some landmarks as well, so I'm 
having the same problem with tpsUtil, I was planning on manually deleting 
the landmarks I no longer want for my specimens (or should I just tell the 
R packages I use to exclude certain landmarks? I think this might be 

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Candice Neves
MSc Candidate

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