Dear colleagues,

I would like to attract your attention on this newly published paper.

Berger, BA, Ricigliano, VA, Savriama, Y., Lim, A., Thompson, V. & Howarth 
DG. 2017. Geometric morphometrics reveals shifts in flower shape symmetry 
and size following gene knockdown of *CYCLOIDEA* and *ANTHOCYANIDIN 
SYNTHASE*.* BMC Plant Biology*. 17:205.

The very first study coupling geometric morphometrics and Virus Induced 
Gene Silencing (VIGS) to quantify the phenotypic effects of knocking down a 
single CYC2 paralog, FgCYC2A, as well as the reporter gene, FgANS in 
symmetry of flowers. 

Best wishes!
Yoland Savriama

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