Dear all,

I have two problems in terms of dealing with the tpsDig program:

I have been using tpsDig before to set landmarks, but since I rearranged my 
files and folders I always get an error report when I am trying to upload TPS 
files into the program. 

The error meassage is: 
Image file not found: C:.... 
Cannot open file "C:.....". The system cannot find the indicated path.

I already tried to use different versions of tpsDig. I also deleted all the 
folders with my data and after transferring it back to my computer it still did 
not work. Why could that be?

Besides that, I have one more issue with the program. For initial trials I used 
a compact camera. These pictures worked, but the pictures (image size: 1,06 MB) 
are a little blurred so I decided to use a single-lens reflex camera to obtain 
the pictures. The new pictures (image size: 5,77 MB) do not stretch across the 
whole user interface of the program and when I try to zoom in they get very 
For further research I want to use the reflex camera. Do you know how I could 
solve the problem?

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,
Lisa Krendl

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