Hi Everyone,

First: I apologize if this is a double posting.

I'm new to 3D geometric morphometrics, so this issue might turn out to be a 
trivial one with an easy fix. At the moment I'm trying to place landmarks 
on ply meshs (120 - 150k vertices) in geomorph using the digit.fixed 
function. However, when I set a landmark on a vertex of interest, the point 
does not attach to the correct spot. Rather, it vanishes somewhere deeper 
in the mesh. Increasing ptsize to something well above 3 helps a little, 
but not much. I realize that the help files use meshes below 30k vertices, 
but I lose a lot of information when I go that low. Has anyone else had 
this issue? Is it possible to select faces instead of vertices in geomorph 
(seems unlikely)?
I wondering if there was some special way of exporting ply files from 
Meshlab that I'm missing. At the moment I simplify my high resolution mesh 
with quadratic decimation, and then export the ASCII ply directly from 
Meshlab without fiddling with the settings. Is this right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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