Hi All

I am a PhD student working on quantifying the importance of sexual 
selection in contributing to diversification in South African monkey 
beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). An important component of my study 
depends on investigating the allometric scaling relationships of hind leg 
size and shape across populations of *Scelophysa trimeni*, taking the 
phylogeny into consideration. Male monkey beetles use their hind legs in 
battles over females. From my understanding of the literature that I have 
read, this would be a study of evolutionary allometry, and would require 
specialised analyses, such as Phylogenetic Generalised Least Squares 
Regression in order to quantify the evolutionary allometric 
slope/intercept, and compare and contrast the allometric slopes/intercepts 
of each population. I do not have a strong background in evolutionary 
biology; however, I am learning as I go. Consequently, I feel that I am 
missing some important and basic aspects in my readings of the literature, 
and would like to know if anyone could recommend to me material that 
clearly lays out the theory of evolutionary allometry, as well as its 
practical application.

Kind regards

Ariella Rink

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