I am wondering if any one can help me. I have been running a Procrustes 
Rotation of Two Configurations and PROTEST using the vegan package in R. 
The Procrustes seem to be working but I am having an issue with the results 
of the PROTEST and the correlation values. 

I am getting identical p values every time I run the script. I have a 
sample size of 20 projectile points and every time I run the statistics my 
p value is 
equal to 0.00009999. I ran a test and I compared a circle to one of my 
projectile points and I still got a p value of 0.00009999. 

Here are the results for the test of the projectile point compared to a 

Procrustes sum of squares:



protest(X = p730, Y = pTest, permutations = 10000)

Procrustes Sum of Squares (m12 squared):        0.06296

Correlation in a symmetric Procrustes rotation: 0.968

Significance:  9.999e-05

Permutation: free

Number of permutations: 10000

If anyone has any idea of why this could be happening or how to fix it that 
would be greatly appreciated. 


Callie Diduck 

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