I've started a new project and came to the point of marking fixed and semi 
Not all pictures are satisfying, mostly because of the posture of the larvae 
during photographing (sometimes raising it's tail). So in order to reduce the 
noise by the animal posture, I thought it would be helpful to separate head and 
tail as was done in Levis et. al. 2016, Biol. J. Linn. Soc.
I'm using the landmarks 1, 20 and 48 as fixed landmarks, and all the rest are 
semi landmarks. I'm not sure of using 20 and 48 as fixed landmarks, and I 
wonder if I can use landmark 40 as fixed landmark since it is restricted by 
both x (side line) and y (dorsal connection of the tail fin). Can/Should I use 
the eye as a fixed landmark for the head (i.e. can it interfere with 
interpreting the head contour)?
Here is an example to show what I mean:
I'll be happy if you can advise on that.
Thank you,

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